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In the start of this mod there are two sides the Living Alliance and the Gray team. The Living Alliance consists of three teams Blue, Red and Yellow, thus making this game 3v1. If the Gray teams Main Base is Destroyed all alliances amongst the color side are broken and the first player to build their throne on the center hill is the winner of the game. If the Gray team destroys the main base of Blue, Red or Yellow Gray wins. The Living Alliance can not win the game unless they work together and save each others bases from the Gray team’s assaults With the twist of a free for all once the Gray team is dead an interesting dynamic of always help your Allie, but never help too much emerges creating some very compelling game play.

Warcraft III: Frozen Throne is needed to play this Mod

How To Gaining Gold

-Kill creeps at any of the three gathering points

-The Living Alliance and Gray team may kill each others units.

How To Gaining Lumber (Gray does not need lumber)

-Kill the large creeps located at the gathering point opposite of your base.