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The game is set in the shattered world of Androgen. Once upon a time this world had three great civilizations, but it all fell apart after the arrival of strange alien refugees that called themselves the Nephilim. The aliens explained how their home world was destroyed by an advanced race of beings called the Anunnaki and that they had come to the world of Androgen in search of asylum.  They offered to share their advanced bio-technology with the three great civilizations of the world and in return were granted asylum from the ravenous armies that had destroyed their home world. They promise that their technology would bring salvation to both races, but it only brought chaos and destruction to the world of Androgen. Over time the Nephilim transformed the inhabitants of the world into mutated husks that could then use to harvest the chemically engineered Peptide that fueled their technology. The story begins many years after the fall of the three great Androgen civilizations. The protagonist Rend and his symbiote Reina are the remnants of a program designed to fracture the Nephilim’s control over the people of Androgen.  amidst the shattered remains of these once accomplished civilization there is no hope there is no salvation there is only the word of fracture.


Rend is a sci-fi themed, black and white, action platformer that features fast paced “hack-n- slash” action. The art style uses dark overtones and stark contrast to convey a sense of desperation and hopelessness that encompasses the world.






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